Amos Red Warrior Sky Baller
Its' best living to be man you want to be then trying to be someone or something you really dont want to be in life or let someone try to mold you and make you what they want you to be then to have lived and didnt live life to have said you let life live you.But like i said." Hu Hu am just a beagleman trying to live the path that's been laid be4 me.In doing so,you are reaching beyond the intent and spirit of the clean opportunities act and have crossed over the line into hunting rabbits(in this case opportunity)Just keep it up and space and opportunity will be on you like a beagle on a two-legged rabbit.Like i said be4 opportunity only come's once in a life time why waste it over something that will never change.Think about it.'' It's in plain lol
Like i said am Just a BeagleMan
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New Home Mr.Jessie Out  Of
Byhila,Ms 12/04/2010
Thank you